Has your aircaft reached end-of-life or requires accident-related solutions?

We are here to help from start to finish.

Our aircraft recycling services provide teardown and end-of-life aircraft or accident-related aircraft management for a diverse range of clients, such as insurance companies, leasing companies and banks or operators themselves. Aviation claims can range from substantial aircraft damage requiring the coordination of complex repairs to the investigation of major accidents involving complete loss of large passenger or cargo aircraft.

We work closely with aircraft operators, owners and insurers to ensure the highest level of financial recovery possible following damage caused to an aircraft where repair is not commercially viable. We deliver a complete service that covers every aspect of the operations: from teardown, harvesting and shipment of parts anywhere in the world, to dismantling and recycling airframes of all sizes.

Salvage Sales

Upon client request, we negotiate the salvage sale of large and smaller aircraft through a tender process with leading aviation salvage buyers and aircraft brokers to facilitate the fast disposal of aircraft. During the bid process, we ensure secure storage and protection of the aircraft to guarantee maximum residual value.

Our team are experts in the aviation industry and include professionals with many years of practical experience in aviation engineering and cooperation with leading airlines; we respond quickly and effectively to all types of hull and liability claims almost anywhere in the world.

The entire operation can be carried out at our local LJU airport in Slovenia (EU), or our crew can visit your desired location and provide all labor and equipment necessary to complete the project.

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